Photograph of the landing on Gallipoli beach by ANZAC troops Turkey 1915
Photograph of the landing on Gallipoli beach by ANZAC troops Turkey 1915, JOL, SLQ

Queensland Police and the Great War Effort is supported by the Q ANZAC 100: Memories for a New Generation Fellowship, State Library Queensland. The project will share untold stories of men sworn to protect their communities and their nation. The in-depth research into the featured former policemen who became the WWI servicemen will also show us the life and family stories of these men, who were prominent community members and soldiers, but also husbands, fathers, sons, migrants, etc.

The project focuses on five men from each of three categories:

  • men who were granted leave;
  • men who resigned their positions within the QPF;
  • and men who lost their lives to the War.

The research connects domestic and international archival collections. The QPF contingent was representative of the local demographics at the time, which included British-born men. Drawing on the genealogical aspect of the project, efforts will be made to trace living relatives of the featured men to conduct oral or written interviews with a view to presenting a more personal dimension to their individual stories than might be gleaned from the archives alone. The digital content will be comprised of ‘digital stories’ of each of the men.